Smales Gold Heritage Collection 2020

01 Aug 2020

In honour of their humble beginnings the Smales Gold Heritage collection 2020 brings a slice of the company’s history into the millennium, a celebration of what was and bringing the past into the present.

The collection combines locally sourced natural gold nuggets with beautiful diamonds and Deep Sea Australian Pearls. Each design is unique, one of a kind and created in house with the upmost quality.

Gold is a commodity which is reliable on a combination of supply, demand, and investor behaviour. Since 2011 the price of gold has increased significantly, and has proven to be a valuable resource used to diversify financial and super portfolios, making this metal worth its investment.

Browse the Smales Jewellers gold nugget collection online or in a showroom and be inspired by the perfect piece, whether for yourself or a loved one.

With a range suitable to all tastes and budgets, the collection is made with everyone in mind, a collection where anyone can find their own golden thread to weave into a beautiful story.